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Blue Seventy Women's Fusion Fullsuit


Our Take 

We have carried a lot of different wetsuit brands over the last 20+ years and we have swum in even more suits dating back 30+ years and Blue Seventy suits are by far our favorite.  The Fusion and its buoyancy profile is a perfect suit for the swimmer concerned with both performance and body position in the water.  With lots of updates in 2021 (the suit remains unchanged for 2022) the Fusion will make your open water swim adventures more enjoyable.

Please see pictures for sizing information.


  • Upgraded #39 cell Yamamoto 1.5mm neoprene is paired with premium liners to maximize flexibility through the shoulders and arms.
  • A lowered neckline improves comfort and minimizes chafing without compromising the seal to prevent water entry.
  • Redesigned leg panels improve the ease of suit removal.
  • Thinner side panels for a better fit are paired with a fully SCS coated suit for maximum performance and durability.
  • Super Composite Skin (SCS) provides a hydrophobic, protective barrier against fingernails and other abrasive or damaging elements.
  • 3-5-4 Buoyancy Design – A 3mm chest panel changes to 5mm around the core, hips and lower torso to lift the bod and reduce drag in the water. The legs finish with 4mm neoprene to aid in maintaining a streamlined position.
  • S-Grip Forearm Panels improve forearm water feel.
  • Aqua Seal Cuffs prevent water entry during arm entry while swimming and aide in easy removal.
  • Lowest recommended water temperature: 55F/12.5C