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Our Frontrunners Nanaimo Family

We offer the best in customer service and strive to exceed customers expectations at every opportunity.

Stefan Jakobsen


Stefan began working at Frontrunners Victoria in 1994 while attending the University of Victoria. Always passionate about sport, working at Frontrunners introduced him to a community of people that shed light on a lifestyle beyond the competitive side of athletics. Hatched on runs and bike rides with Norm, a business plan was formed and in 1999 Frontrunners Nanaimo was born. Happiest out on the trails on the water, Stefan still loves jumping into trail races or going on adventures with his friends, his wife, and his two boys.

Norm Thibault


Norm began working at Frontrunners Victoria in 1995 while also attending the University of Victoria and competing in everything from triathlons to mountain biking. His Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree somehow prepared him for the world of being a retail entrepreneur, a journey that began in 1999. Norm also has a passion for putting on events and hosted the first New Balance Half Iron as a way to pay off student loans and has been instrumental in building the cyclocross community on Vancouver Island through the Cross on the Rock Cyclocross series. When not working Norm can usually be found on the trails or on the water, usually with kids in tow.

Tracy McKeown


Tracy has been entertaining her fellow staff and customers with her witty jokes since 2014.  Her love of people extends to her part time support work at a group home.  She is also known to run the odd 50k at destinations all over the PWN, usually ending with a beer at the finish line before finding some local tacos.

Megan Henderson


Megan joined the Frontrunners team in 2017 after working at her family’s coffee shop as they transitioned into retirement. Full of energy and enthusiasm, Megan completed her first marathon, New York City, not long after joining the crew. Recently she has found a love of mountain biking and is often found exploring the many trails on offer in Nanaimo .

Christine Almond

Christine has been at Frontrunners for 4 years and is one of the coaches for our Frontrunners Endurance Clinic. Christine is an accomplished road runner, trail runner, Ironman finisher, and in her younger years was a member of the Canadian Jr Rugby Team.

Gillian Goerzen

Gillian is a long-time part-time staffer at Frontrunners (14 years and counting!). She is a passionate runner and health + fitness leader with a joy for running, trail running, triathlon, mountain biking and newly surfing (basically anything outdoors!). Gillian leads run clinics at the shop through her business Super You and enjoys helping customers of all ages and experiences find their way to be fit + healthy!

Catherine Dickie

When Catherine isn’t chasing her elementary school students, helping with school XC or track and field, or running the beautiful trails that Nanaimo has to offer, we are lucky to have her at the shop - usually on weekends and during the summer months!

Yann Bernaquez

Yann Bernaquez sleeps less that most people.  We know this because anyone who runs 100 mile runs in the mountains doesn’t need sleep!  When not running (a lot) Yann is busy teaching secondary school, coaching school track and xc, leading run clinics and being a family man.  We are glad Yann still likes working weekends and during the summer months!

Kim Coulthard

Kim began running with Women’s Pace, started by Frontrunners’ first employee Donna Spencer, not long after the shop opened in 1999. Fast forward until now and she can still be found running with some of the same people but now almost exclusively on Nanaimo’s sweet single track and with one of her beloved four legged friends in tow.

Byron Trajan

Byron grew up in Nanaimo and enjoys being outdoors and exploring places to swim, bike and run. Many people know Byron from his coaching duties at the White Rapids Swim Club where he continues to inspire the next generation of swimmers. Often you will see Byron rabbiting local elementary XC meets where he usually has a crew of kids following his every move. He really does have a fan club, and we are lucky to have him as part of our team.

Vanessa Kruger

Vanessa has grown up around Frontrunners and started officially working in 2019. Vanessa is a dedicated martial artist and has been training, competing and coaching since she was ten years old.

Hannah Milner

Hannah has been with Frontrunners for 3.5 years.  Originally from Whitehorse, Hannah is attending Vancouver Island University with goal of becoming a teacher.  Full of energy and enthusiasm, we guarantee she will be one of those teachers who change the lives of those she teaches.  When not studying, Hannah is quick to head into the backcountry by any means possible and we are pretty sure she is the only staff member who can land a 360 on skis!

Chris Tellez

Chris really likes running and watching Running shoe reviews on YouTube. When he’s not at the shop, he spends time working with clients as an herbalist and nutrition counsellor. He also has two very big dogs that he will definitely show you pictures of if you ask. 

Jenaya Pynn

Jenaya trained with the Nanaimo Track and Field Club and went on to run collegiately at Washington State University. She has a degree in kinesiology and has been working at Frontrunners for over a year. She loves trail running and everything the island has to offer.

Cindy Kruger

Cindy has been working at Frontrunners since 2009 and is known for being the shop mom.  If she isn’t organizing something or planning an event she is busy teaching fitness classes (spin being her favorite), riding her road bike, motorbike or running the trails.  She looks forward to each day she can inspire and be inspired by others as they work together in achieving and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and most importantly having fun while doing it!

Katherine Boer

Growing up on Gabriola Island, Katherine early on developed a deep passion for running and adventure. When she isn't at Frontrunners, she is known to be exploring somewhere on Benson with her dog, Koba. These days, Katherine is most inspired by big mountains and the incredible outdoor community we have!