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Blue Seventy Buddy Bag


Our Take 

It is pretty simple, the B70 Buddy Bag keeps you safer while swimming open water by making you more visible.  And although it is not a certified safety device, it does give you that sense of confidence knowing it is something you could hold on to should you need to.  It is also a great way to carry small essentials like your car keys as the entire interior of the Buddy Bag is open for storage.  Simply close the dry bag seal by rolling down the top at least three times, then closing the buckles.  Next, use the valve to fully inflate and go. 


FR staff member Bryon is a very confident open water swimmer and yet uses the buddy bag all the time as he finds it convenient to carry his car keys and doesn’t ever notice it is on unless he turns onto his back to swim a bit of back stroke. 


  • High Visibility Orange
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes adjustable waist and connecting strap
  • Size 25” x 12” (laid flat)