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Altra Women's Fwd Experience


Our Take 

The Altra Fwd Experience is an all new offering from Altra that combines their signature Footshape™ design with a more conventional 4mm offset.  Altra loyalists might feel that they are straying away from what they have preached since their inception, and that is that a more balanced position for the foot is one that does not have an elevated heel like most runners.  Makes sense, but in reality there is no one perfect solution for all runners so we like the fact that Altra is branching out to accommodate more runners and more feet. 

The Fwd Experience is a first for Altra and it will be a great neutral daily trainer that will accommodate a wider variety of runners than in than in the past.  Not a crazy thick midsole but enough protection to handle longer runs, a bit of rocker that will feel effortless at speed and light enough to make you feel like you are floating.  The 4mm drop, well that will simply work better for some runners who have been hesitant to go down to a zero drop shoe. 


  • Midsole Drop - 4mm
  • Heel Stack – 30mm
  • Forefoot Stack – 26mm
  • Weight – 7.1oz


  • Altra’s signature Standard Footshape ™ comfort gives your feet more space to sit naturally and is designed to address biological differences between men’s and women’s feet.  Not as wide as the Original but wider than the Slim Footshape™.
  • Altra’s rocker shape is designed to give the feeling of being propelled forward with each step and provides an efficient toe-off without taking away from your natural stride.
  • Lightweight, responsive compression-molded midsole foam that encourages efficiency and an effortless feel.
  • Engineered mesh upper offers increased breathability and durability.