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Blundstone 1352 Originals High Top


Blundstone Description

An individual statement, the women's specific 1352 boots feature supple leather and brogue accent details.  


  • Blundstone has given their original Chelsea boot a distinctly feminine twist with a higer rise and accent details
  • Premium water-resistant leather that will mold to your feet the more you wear them
  • Patented SPS Max Comfort System - an ergonomically engineered toe spring combined with XRD® Technology in the heel, further reduces wearer fatigue while increasing comfort
  • Durable TPU Outsole provides enhanced traction that keeps you steady on your feet all day long
  • Leather lined


Please note that Blundstones will ship in Australian sizing.  Please see the sizing chart in the pictures.  

Our Take

Regardless of the model, Blundstones are staple footwear for all our staff when not running.  Whether it is working in the garden, walking on the beach or roaming the town, Bludnstones will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather.   Treat the upper on a regular basis and the leather will keep from drying out and cracking and these boots will be hard to wear out.  If the soles need replacing, you can do that too.  If your kids wear out of them, hand them down to someone else.  At the end of the day a pair of Blundstones won't owe you anything!